Naome Kabanda Acting Assistant Commissioner, Land Inspectorate Division, Department of Land Administration

Naome Kabanda, a land lawyer working with Uganda’s Ministry of Lands, Housing, and Urban Development, has more than fifteen years of experience in the field of land law, land administration and registration, policy development, and women’s land rights. Ms. Kabanda received her Master of Laws degree from the Women’s Law and Public Policy Program at Georgetown University.

Through her work with the Ministry of Lands, Ms. Kabanda has assisted women with registration of their land in the land offices and educated them on land registration procedures and on the benefits of registering land to increase their tenure security.

Ms. Kabanda has also been part of a team initiating policy and legal reforms in the land sector, including the 1998 Land Act and the recently approved Uganda National Land Policy. She is the ministry’s coordinator of land sector activities for local governments and has been involved in designing training programs for land management institutions.