Eileen Wakesho Mwagae Women's Land Rights Advisor, Oxfam

Eileen is currently the Women’s Land Rights Advisor at Oxfam International focusing on work that draws on regional, national work and grassroots women’s experiences and leads to greater attention to securing women’s land and property rights in all relevant policy arenas globally. She supports the design and execution of research to inform advocacy interventions. Eileen helped coordinate the Civil Society Platform on land in Africa; a platform to facilitate effective input from grassroots organizations, social movements, and a wide range of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) to position the land agenda within the wider African Union.

Eileen has co-authored a book on informal justice mechanisms and formal courts, Kenya and Engagement with Local Communities: Land and Conflict. She holds an MA in Project Planning and Management from the University of Nairobi and a BA in Mass Communication. She is an alumna of Sydney’s Law school Gender and Transitional Justice Fellowship.