Guo Ye Deputy Division Chief of Complaints and Appeal All-China Women’s Federation

Guo Ye is a public lawyer with over ten years of experience working on women and children’s rights. She currently works as the Deputy Division Chief of Complaints and Appeal in the Legal Department at the All-China Women’s Federation where she handles women’s complaints regarding property and land rights, labor and social security rights, rights within marriage, domestic violence, and political rights at the national level.

Guo Ye has a bachelor’s degree from China University of Politics and Law. Significantly, throughout Guo Ye’s career, she has been engaged in developing and reforming laws and policies which protect women and children from being deprived of their rights, including their rights to land and rights within the family.

Supported by the Women’s Land Rights Network, she wants to pilot a county-level workshop to boost the capacity of workers in the women’s federation and relevant departments to guide the implementation of an action plan designed to protect local women’s land rights.