Marian Amissah-Ocran Gender and Land Consultant, Landesa

Marian Amissah-Ocran, with over 14 years of experience in development, is currently the Programme Coordinator of Women’s Economic Empowerment and Financial Administration of the Initiative for Gender Equality and Development in Africa (IGED-Africa). She was also a West Africa Gender and Land Consultant with the Landesa Women’s Land Rights Programme (2016). She contributed to select Landesa projects, providing analytical and project implementation expertise on women’s land rights, including access to property and inheritance, rural land tenure security, access to and control over land and land rights formalization. One of the major successes in Ms. Amissah-Ocran’s work has been in Advocating for the adoption of the Resolution 262 of the African Commission on Human and Peoples Rights on Women’s Right to Land and Productive Resources at its 54th Session in 2013. Ms. Amissah-Ocran currently pursuing a master’s degree in Development Finance, and holds a bachelor’s degree in Geography and Resource Development from the University of Ghana.