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Women’s Land Rights Visiting Professionals Program

The application process for the 2015 Visiting Professionals Program is closed.

The Women’s Land Rights Visiting Professional Program, generously funded by the Ford Foundation and the River Star Foundation, cultivates a network of grassroots activists, government officials, NGO leaders, researchers, and academics strongly committed to strengthening women’s land rights.

The program begins with an intensive six-week training conducted at Landesa’s headquarters in Seattle.

This experience is intended to boost participants’ capabilities by

  • Enhancing their understanding of the challenges to strengthening women’s land rights by identifying what the problems are and how they fit into the larger picture, both in relation to other development issues and to what is taking place in other geographic or political regions
  • Expanding the set of options, approaches, and potential solutions they can consider by learning from what has been tried in other settings, by learning from solutions to different-but-related problems, by becoming part of a network of colleagues who can act as a resource, and by being encouraged to think creatively
  • Improving their effectiveness at addressing the challenges of securing women’s land rights by strengthening their leadership, managerial, and communication skills

Upon completing the training, participants receive project development support from Landesa staff as well as access to an online network platform through which staff and participants can continue discussing and sharing resources on women’s land rights.

For more information on the Women’s Land Rights Visiting Professionals Program:


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